Writing Tips–Developing Discipline as a Writer

woman writing intentlyIn the early days of my writing life, I believed I had to wait for the muse to land on my shoulder and whisper in my ear before I could begin. I did a lot of waiting, until I realized that to be a writer, I had to write. No matter what. Learn how to understand your creative process, overcome writer’s block, establish a writing “habit” and fill the well.



Be honest about what keeps you as a writer from getting to the page
• Lack of focus
• Self-doubt
• Procrastination
• Distractions
• Time constraints

How can you get to the page?
• Set goals
• Make a commitment
• Do the math
• Be intentional
• Silence the judgmental voices in your head
• Develop rituals

Goals—Start with the Big One
Answer the question: What do I want to write?
• Novel
• Short story
• Memoir
• Creative nonfiction
• Poetry
• Screenplay

Goals—Break Down the “Big One”
Set Daily/Weekly Goals—Define how you will measure your progress
• Number of pages completed
• Amount of time devoted to writing
• Amount of time devoted to research/ plotting/ outlining

Set Deadlines—External and Internal