Running to Stay Upright

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Liz Burgess wakes up one morning to realize she is about to lose everything—and it’s all her fault.

Her husband’s love and trust; her daughter’s innocence; her family’s cherished home; and her own sense of safety and control are spinning with alarming speed beyond her reach.

Her struggle to heal long-buried fears and rebuild her family’s shattered dreams takes her on a journey of hope that will touch anyone who has experienced loss and climbed back to a new understanding of what is important in life.

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Praise for Running to Stay Upright

“In this fast-paced, emotional novel, Sharon Wright gives us a family facing the terrifying prospect of losing their business, their home, and even each other as their lives spiral out of control. The lessons they learn about friendship, forgiveness, love, and the raw courage it takes to embrace change with grace instead of fear will resonate with every reader.”
-Holly Robinson, author of The Wishing Hill and Beach Plum Island

“This is a beautifully written story about a woman struggling to hold herself, her marriage, and her family together in tough times. Wright’s dialog crackles, her characters quickly feel like old friends, and her plot moves at a brisk pace from suburb to city to rural area as she explores the complex emotions that accompany unwanted change. You’ll easily recognize the pressures brought to bear upon this family, and you’ll come away inspired by the courage and resilience of ordinary people unwilling to give up their dreams.”
-Elisabeth Elo, author of North of Boston

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