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Dancing on Sunday Afternoons

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“I had two husbands.”


The discovery of long-hidden love letters leads New York caterer Cara Serafini on a journey to understanding her formidable grandmother, Giulia Fiorillo. Born in a mountain village in southern Italy, the spirited Giulia arrives at the age of sixteen in a rough New York immigrant neighborhood at the beginning of the twentieth century, forced from the comforts and constrictions of her family by the fierce drive of her mother. In America, Giulia faces not only an inhospitable culture but also violence in the family and in the streets, shattering loss and a love that shapes her whole life.


Dancing on Sunday Afternoons is a superbly nuanced, emotionally rich tale of one woman's journey from turn-of-the-century Italy to America in which Linda Cardillo beautifully blends women's fiction, romance and historical fiction into one unforgettable story.”John Charles, Chicago Tribune


On sale December 1, 2016

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