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“Don’t ask why. Just believe.”


Springen O’Flaherty has the ability to see auras.  As a child she lived in a Popsicle world where the  kids were swathed in brilliant colors and the grown-ups were a fuzzy pastel.  Later, her psychic powers multiplied and resulted in a life of secrets and half-truths–of otherworldly sights and experiences.  Spring was resigned to the status quo until she met Jed Collinsworth.  Now she wants that two-kids and a mini-van life, but to accomplish her goal she has to be honest with the man she loves.  But first she has to come to terms with her unique abilities.


The sudden loss of her dad plays havoc with Spring’s well-laid plans.  Ready or not, Jed is about to be introduced to the O’Flaherty clan of western Virginia with all their eccentricities and quirks–tent revival preachers, gospel musicians, healers, heroes, and pot growers.  When faced with the truth, will Jed help Spring discover the elusive sense of peace and acceptance that she’s always wanted?


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